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The Art of Religion

Religion Through Discussion

World Religion Discussion
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This community is meant for discussing world religion as per the selected readings that each member has chosen and stated in their postings. If you want to join, please follow the rules.

1. Site which text you will be reading from, and which religion it belongs to - this should be done on a seperate post before you start reading it. This way, people won't be reading the same thing at the same time (unless of course, they want to!)

2. Once a member has completed their reading their section, they are to post (again) what they read and which religion it is frrom, and then explain the major concepts, ideas, etc of the section they read.

3. After that, everyone is allowed to post their feelings about it, and have a discussion about the particual topic.

This is pretty open. When we discuss, it will be an open discussion where people can say what they think. However, that being said, comments should be kept polite and name-calling and finger-pointing should be avoided.

Thanks! :)