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AH!! Eureka! [Aug. 26th, 2004|03:14 am]
World Religion Discussion

So, this came from a conversation with the lovely Ravnos, who has more beautiful hair then most women I know.  I was telling him about my arguing email attempts to find reference in lit. or on the net to a claim made by Dr. Glenn Kimball on Coast to Coast a.m. last year.  The show was all geared towards Christmas and Christians traditions, where they come from, how it has evolved.  He mentioned that Jesus age of 40 was changed by the church related to Alexander the Great being 33, and they couldnt' allow that the son of God was older than Alexander.  So, over the course of 5 emails, the guy dodged and misread and refused to point to any information, other than the name 'Dionysus Ignatius', which is the equivalent of 'Raul Gonzalez'.  So, in my conversation with Ravnos, he said 'WAIT!'  You mean Dionysus Exiguus!!  And I said 'I do?  Oh...  of course, yes.  Yes I do.  who's that?' 

Well, here we go - Don't read this in one sitting. Your synapses will hurt.



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