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I Bombard you with Christian Ideology in Artform [Aug. 12th, 2004|03:38 pm]
World Religion Discussion


Ok... Take a good look at this and tell me what you see:

I'm sorry,  it's quite large isn't it?"

Ok... from what I can tell of this painting, there are a couple major things going on.

1. St Franciss (the guy with the halo) Has decided he's going to spread the word of his lord, and despite the fact that he was born of rich blood, he has taken a life of poverty and so on. So, here he is in his barefeet, while his not to holy friend (guy without the halo) watches him teach birds. *guy without the halo has sandals, so obviously is not as religiously inclined as he*

2. Guy without the halo looks very much like a nun, but this is not confirmed anywhere.

3. St. Francis has decided that he is going to spread the word of his lord *as I have mentioned*. However, he finds it increasingly difficult to find people to listen to him. So, he resorts to birds. The look on concentration on his face implies that he's not going to rest until the birds known what there is to know.

4. The birds are to then go and spread the word given by St. Francis to the rest of the world. much like Jesus and his Apostles. Jesus can't talk to everyone at once, so he educates some of his friends and they bear some of the weight for him.

5. St. Francis' hands: 1) one hand is open, palm up, implying that he is receiving something, it's an open and trusting gesture. 2) The other hand has three fingers extended while the pinkie is tucked neatly away. This is the sign most preist use when making the cross - sign of the trinity.

6. The background is monochromatic, thus trying not to draw attention from the real issue going on here. As well, his hands are silhouetted in black - The only thing I can think of for this is that again, he was trying to draw attention to the scene.

7. The birds are completely trtusting of him. They are at ease and they are even touching his robe, which implies that they are in a trance by St. Francis' words - as most birds are very scared and will not come this close to any human.

This is what I see in this painting... however, I'm sure it's subject to interpretation, as is most art. So, feel free to elaborate or disagree.

From: jevine
2004-08-12 08:55 pm (UTC)
Um... I see an icon from the Secret of Nimh? er... 150 points?

2) The other hand has three fingers extended while the pinkie is tucked neatly away. This is the sign most preist use when making the cross - sign of the trinity.

Have to blatantly disagree here - it's only two fingers extended, and most priests use two in this way - it's easy to find in the works. I remember hearing, in my Baptist youth, that the two fingers stood for 'Papal Supremacy and Apostolic Succession', but whether that is a Baptist thing or the actual Catholic explanation is beyond me. Something I'm really interested in is finding a book on the Saint's Canon so I can know more about who all these people were - I assume this is St. Francis 'of Assissi'? Where IS Assissi, for that matter? Also, somethign about the halos in general - I believe those are derivative of the prior Greco-Roman Pagan religions, as Apollo (the sun god) and various others had discs around their head... will look for sources later if goaded.

Perhaps this painting suggests that religions is for the birds? Although, i really like the birds... It seems that the grounded ava are pidgeons, but there is a descending dove. Perhaps this means that the priest is imparting peace via the lord to the pidgeons - the 'flock' of pidgeons? Also, I'm curious what that is on the right edge of the painting, level with the dove (assuming it's the dove of peace descending). I can't make it out on this screen... Oh, maybe it's just flowers...
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[User Picture]From: bandarug
2004-08-13 01:56 pm (UTC)
2. You're right... i meant on the other hand *my bad*

Although, i've never been to a baptist mass, so in response to you're comment about how it's only two fingers, I'm only speaking from experience. The preist from the church i belonged to used 3 - and gave the above reason for it.

maybe he's comprimising? 2 on one hand, 3 on the other!
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From: jevine
2004-08-13 09:25 pm (UTC)
Ah, go it - other three. Duh. =) And no, you will NEVER go to a Baptist mass, because they don't have it. I was 'taught' a lot of things about Catholicism when I was Baptist, for the specific reason that Catholicism is wrong. In Baptist eyes. Or at least, it was when I went to church in Yorktown Texas. Far be it from me to speak for all Baptists. Or any Baptists, for that matter, as I know longer attend that church.
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